Reiki Qualifications

What Training and Qualifications Does a Reiki Master Have?

Reiki massage therapy is a holistic, natural healing method in which reiki practitioners work with the universal energy within and around every body to eliminate disease and promote the highest level possible of relaxation, health, and overall well-being. Those wanting to practice reiki must first undergo training specific to each level of learning by studying with a reiki Master.

Levels of Mastery for Reiki Practitioners

There are three levels for reiki practitioners. Taught by a reiki master, who has been given the Master Symbol in reiki and who can both practice and teach reiki to others, all those who learn reiki go through these levels.

The first level reiki practitioners achieve is that of the Student.

Those learning reiki next progress to the Practitioner level.

The third level a student of reiki reaches is that of Reiki Master.

Studying and Learning Reiki

Reiki, as developed and put forth in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, is composed of many symbols and concepts.

Reiki symbols represent energies, chakras (specific energy points within every body), power, and mantras. Every symbol has an individual, unique meaning and requires of each student a specific skill set of qualifications and abilities before it can be effectively used.

Reiki symbols are activated for use by visualizing them in the mind, hands, or crown chakra (energy center in the head) and making specific hand movements. Chanting or saying the symbol’s name several times also can be helpful in rendering a symbol more powerful. Properly trained reiki practitioners learn how to use reiki’s powerful symbols to heal themselves as well as others.

Students of reiki learn certain symbols at each level of their reiki studies. For example, the Power symbol of Cho Ku Rei is often taught in the second level, or Practitioner level.

However, as reiki education is somewhat fluid, allowing a skilled Reiki Master to intuit the right times for a student to progress in learning symbols, students who are more psychically sensitive may be taught Cho Ku Rei, the Power symbol of reiki, at the end of their first level of reiki education.

When a student of reiki is given a symbol, in any level, to learn and understand how to use, they are said to be attuned to that symbol.

A Reiki Master is one who has received and been attuned to the master symbol of reiki.

The Reiki Master Symbol

Students of reiki become Reiki Masters when they have been attuned to, or taught when and how to use, the reiki master symbol, or Dai Ko Myo.

The reiki master symbol may only be used by those at the Reiki Master level. It is said to have the power to heal the soul. The reiki master symbol offers enlightenment and peace to the one who uses it.

This powerful symbol has many specific uses and positive attributes, but two important ones are the strengthening of the user’s psyhic abilities and improvement of the user’s intuition.

Once a student of reiki has been taught the master symbol, they are said to be attuned to this symbol and achieve the level of Reiki Master. They are then able to practice reiki at the highest level, with deep understanding of the proper meanings and use of the symbols, as well as teach reiki to others.

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher

Just because a student of reiki reaches the level of Reiki Master, however, does not mean they can immediately begin teaching others.

In addition to the training required to reach the level of Reiki Master, those who want to become Teachers of reiki must continue their education.

Reiki Teachers must undergo an additional educational segment. Reiki Teachers are Reiki Masters who have been taught how to teach attunements to beginning reiki students.

Reiki Masters have the most profound understanding of the overall concept of reiki of all the levels of learning. By the time a reiki student reaches the level of Reiki Master, they have learned many symbols and have not only a firm but an increasingly intuitive and profound knowledge of reiki, of its proper applications, effects, and the important underlying concepts of reiki itself.

For those who not only deeply value the concepts of reiki but who also want to teach and share this ancient method of holistic healing to others, the effort required to reach the level of Reiki Teacher is thoroughly rewarding and a valuable use of time and resources.

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