Scientific Research on Reiki Massage

Science & Reiki Theory

The closest scientific theories that seem to correlate with the precepts underlying Reiki massage are in the field of Quantum Physics. It’s interesting to note that both Reiki and Quantum Physics were ‘discovered’ in roughly the same time period and both began generating awareness with the general public beginning in the early 1980s. Because of the subtle nature of energy, it’s only been within the last few decades that science has even had the capability to begin observing, testing and quantifying this phenomenon.

It has only been in recent times that scientists are able to detect the electromagnetic energy force that surrounds and generated by the body. The electrical energy that balances and stabilizes cells can be detected and well as the havoc that occurs within the cells when this energy is not in proper balance. And, of course, the very stuff that creates the molecules within the cells, atoms, have proven to be nothing but pure energy. Scientifically, it can be correctly said that all life is energy, but the true nature of that energy as well as how it is transferred from person to person is still poorly understood.

There have been a few scientific studies regarding the healing effects of Reiki massage. The International Center for Reiki Training, an organization that provides education and information, has created The Touchstone Process, a peer review analyses for scientific studies in complementary and alternative medicine. These reviews are available to the general public.

The few studies that have been conducted on Reiki have shown the reduction of stress and depression and the increase of well-being. As the result of these studies, over 70 hospitals and cancer treatment centers in the U.S. now offer Reiki to patients. The Veterans Administration (VA) also includes Reiki as a healing modality for soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

As scientists discovered in early experiments of Quantum Physics, the complex nature of the universal life force cannot be measured using traditional Newtonian methods. There is so much more in the universe than can be detected through the five senses or with instruments that simply enhance those senses. To fully research energy healing requires a paradigm shift within science to step outside the realm of a sensory based environment. As scientists delve deeper into the mysterious realm of Quantum Physics, more research methods regarding energy healing may develop. Then science will catch up to what human intuition already knows: touch heals.

A current list of research studies on Reiki can be found at:

People all around the world may find that daily life is increasingly stressful. You may have to deal with the negativity of your boss, roommates or your family. This can cause a person to begin to feel feelings of negativity, self doubt and depression. Though there are many medical treatments for these issues, they typically come with some sort of adverse side effects. These side effects may make you feel even worse once the medication has subsided. However there is an natural alternative to western medicine that will help you feel great and reawaken your positive energy. Reiki massage is a spiritual practice that has been around for several decades.

Reiki Massage: Is There Proof That It Works

According to the American Cancer Society any and all research and experiments done on Reiki has been poorly investigated. This has lead many scientist and doctors to believe that the method does not work as intended. Many scientist believe that if the method does work then the effects are similar to those found in a placebo pill. Since Reiki massages are considered an alternative method they methods are not widely accepted by the Western civilization.

Research Opposed To Reiki Massage

Reiki has been subjected to a few poorly designed experiments who have all concluded that Reiki healing provides some positive feelings for patients. However, as far as Reiki massage providing real health benefits to a patient the results have been somewhat unconvincing. In many cases Reiki massage has been compared to a placebo pill. One study focused on the levels of anxiety found within cancer patients determined that Reiki massage was better than no intervention. However when fake reiki massage practitioners were brought in the same effects were observed. One could obviously conclude that the Reiki massage either real or faked produces some good feelings within a patient.

It is difficult to draw firm conclusions with such poorly designed experiments. For one, this experiment did not base itself off longer-term Reiki healing, but on short-term feelings and feedback from patients. A Reiki massage is not a miracle instant-cure treatment, Reiki is about changing the energy composition in the body and indeed patients who are terminally ill may not have sufficient time to be cured by Reiki treatment. Further, energy can indeed be controlled via the mind and thus a fake reiki practitioner conducting a reiki massage may nonetheless provide the short-term energy boosting effect to allow a patient to feel better. However, no measure of longer-term effects were made.

Research in Favor of Reiki Massage

There are some experiments done on the blood cells and heart rate of the physical body that provide some proof that Reiki massage works. One experiment examined 45 healthy adults that were placed into 3 groups. They were divided into the Reiki-rest group, false Reiki-rest group and the rest group. The experiment focused and recorded some vital signs of all of the participants. The study concluded that those in the Reiki-rest group had lower diastolic blood pressure.

In another study conducted by National College of Naturopathic Medicine found that Reiki massage could be very beneficial to a person’s immune system. Once again a group of participants were separated into three distinct groups. There was a Reiki massage group, relaxed group and a neutral group. The results concluded that Reiki participants produced more white blood cells than the other participants. This means they have a stronger immune system and were able to fight off infections and disease easier.

The role of Reiki in modern science?

There are arguments for and against the use of Reiki massage. Reiki massage should not be thought of as an alternative medicine, but as a addition to medicine. Even the arguments against Reiki massage, that it provides no more than a placebo effect, shows that Reiki massage works better than no intervention at all. The power of positivity has been in use by both doctors and nurses for hundreds of years. Nurses at hospitals and hospices all through out the world make use of Reiki massage sessions and other energy therapies. These therapies help relieve the body of stress and anxiety and promote a more healthy body and balanced emotional state.


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